Golly's Folly: The Prince Who Wanted it All

By Humble Beast Records

$ 16.00

By Eleazar & Rebekah Ruiz 
Illustrated by Rommel Ruiz

Humble Beast partnered with Patrol Books to bring you Golly's Folly: The Prince Who Wanted it All

Written by Eleazar & Rebekah Ruiz, illustrated by Rommel Ruiz

“Everything is meaningless”, King Solomon writes in the Book of Ecclesiastes. Inspired by this message, Golly’s Folly is a thrilling, adventurous story, dispelling the notion that things can satisfy.

The vibrant illustrations will carry your child along on Golly’s rollercoaster attempt to fulfill his desires with stuff. Share this much needed story about what truly matters, perfect for reading aloud.


Product Details:

Age range: 4 - 10
Hardback: 36 pages
Publisher: Patrol Books
ISBN: 978-0-692-69193-9
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.25 x 8.5



"Golly's Folly is gorgeously illustrated, but the most beautiful thing about this book is that it teaches the most important gospel lesson of all, that life cannot be found in the acquisition of wealth, pleasure or wisdom. Wouldn't it be wonderful if, because of this little book, thousands and thousands of children learned that lesson and looked to the Father for what only the Father can give? Read this book over and over to your children, and by the way, pay careful attention as you read, because you need its lesson too.

Paul David Tripp; authorNew Morning Mercies


“It’s easy to recommend this book. It has captivating design and illustrations, and a multitude of biblical themes woven deeply into its pages. It’s all in there: sin’s consequences, the lie of worldly materialism, the unrelenting love of the Father, and everything in between. Golly’s Folly offers a rich opportunity for parents to share the biblical truth of God’s love and to equip their children to recognize the temporal pursuits that are antithetical to such love.”

— Shane Patrick, TH.M., Pastor, Sound City Bible Church


“Rommel Ruiz brings his own unique style to this beautifully illustrated children’s book. Golly’s Folly is a fun and adventurous story that will leave you smiling at every turn of the page. It’s a wonderful and imaginative look into Rommel’s world of design. A wonderful read.”

— Matthew Bates, Disney Animator, Animator/ Designer For Amblin Entertainment. Currently Senior Designer At Creative Capers Entertainment


“When I read Golly’s Folly to my children it was great to see how engaged they were with the story! The biblical themes noticeably connected with their hearts, and they asked a lot of deep, meaningful questions—questions about Golly’s motives and about God’s forgiveness. The illustrations in this book are beautiful, but the gospel-centered truths that are communicated are infinitely more beautiful.”

— Aaron Gray, Preaching Pastor, Sound City Bible Church


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