Crooked Vinyl - Propaganda

By Private Press Club

$ 36.00

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2 extra tracks only available on vinyl
2 LP Gatefold

Artist // Propaganda

Title: Crooked
Year Released: 2017


  1. Crooked Way feat. Terence F. Clark
  2. It’s Complicated
  3. Bear With Me feat. Marz Ferrer
  4. Cynical feat. Aaron Marsh & Sho Baraka
  5. Slow Cook
  6. Do Know Wrong feat. Macho
  7. Gentrify
  8. I Hate Cats
  9. Darkie feat. Micah Bournes & Jackie Hill-Perry
  10. It’s Not Working (The Truth) feat. Courtney Orlando
  11. Andrew Mandela feat. Topknot Feather
  12. Olympian
  13. Made Straight feat. Audrey Assad

Vinyl Bonus Tracks 

  2. Three Cord Bond


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