Drum Season Digital Download - Aggressive Analog - Vol. 1 - EFX

By Humble Beast Records

$ 20.00

Aggressive Analog - EFX is a speciality kit with 40+ royalty-free EFX samples for use in your music production.  These EFX were created by Humble Beast's mixing-engineer Bryan “Braille” Winchester using a a few analog synths & a selection of analog outboard gear.  

Rather than capturing tones that are clean and dry, this specialty kit takes advantage of the sonic benefits of tubes, transformers, and convertors, driven aggressively. Red lights, clipping and distortion are used, but used tastefully.  

These EFX shine when chopped and used as a texture under drums.  Some sounds can also be spread across keys as a bass tone or synth lead.  The limitations are only bound by your creative process.

Wanna hear these EFX in action? Check out the demo track created by Daniel Steele. This track was created using sounds from only Aggressive Analog Drums & EFX kits. 

Yo, Daniel Steele made this entire sample beat with only the sounds in the Aggressive Analog Vol. 1 Kit.

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