Drum Season Digital Download - Aggressive Analog Vol. 1 - Drums

By Humble Beast Records

$ 30.00

Aggressive Analog Vol. 1 - Drums is a specialty kit from Drum Season with 100+ royalty-free drum samples for use in your music production.  These drums were created by Humble Beast's mixing-engineer Bryan “Braille” Winchester using a Korg Volca Beats and a selection of analog outboard gear.  

Rather than capturing sounds that are clean and dry, this specialty kit takes advantage of the sonic benefits of tubes, transformers, & convertors, driven aggressively. Red lights, clipping, and distortion are all used, but used tastefully.  Every sound was designed from scratch.  

We wouldn't be surprised if you heard some of these drums on Humble Beast's next production. 

Yo, Daniel Steele made this entire sample beat with only the sounds in the Aggressive Analog Vol. 1 Kit.

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