The Gospel Is

By Humble Beast

$ 10.00

By Cole Brown

The second release in our Concentrated Truth series.

To help leaders, we have included a DISCUSSION GUIDE following each section. 

From the back of the book:

“The Gospel.”

 It's a word we have heard more and more in recent years, as an increased number of Christians have been emphasizing a “gospel-centered” approach to life and ministry. This is right and good, as the gospel is the central message of Jesus and, as such, the most important message in the world. Yet it it also the most misunderstood.

 For all of the renewed emphasis on the gospel message, there remains much confusion about what the content of the message actually is. Even amongst those who most celebrate it, there can be a lack of clarity in defining it. This is a significant problem, since the Bible tells us it is the gospel that saves us (makes us right with God), sanctifies us (makes us more like Jesus), and reveals to us who God is.

 With such high stakes, Christians need to be certain they are preaching this gospel with confidence and clarity and non-Christians need to be sure the message they are choosing to accept or reject is Jesus’ actual message (and not an unclear version of it). The Gospel Is... aims to help both groups cut through the muddy misunderstandings and provide a simple and easy-to-follow summary of Jesus’ primary message.

  • 103 pages
  • Hardback with matte finish
  • 5"x7" 


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