Daddy Issues

by Humble Beast

$ 10.00

By Cole Brown

The first of Humble Beast's Concentrated Truth series.

To help leaders, we have included a DISCUSSION GUIDE following each section. 

From the back of the book:

"The phrase has become a cultural cliché and a punchline.

But if your father was absent, abusive, or aloof, you know daddy issues are no laughing matter. Regardless of our gender, ethnicity, age, religion, or culture, the failures of our fathers wound us deeply -- and those wounds do not simply go away with time. They follow us wherever we go. They impact our relationships with God and others. They influence how we view ourselves and our world. At times they seem to wield unshakeable control. 

Yet there is good news: God desires to heal your father wounds. He speaks truthfully and powerfully into each of them with the gospel of Jesus Christ, which alone has the power to close these festering wounds and free you from their control. 

Daddy Issues
both diagnoses the wounds caused by absent, abusive, and aloof fathers and dresses them with the healing power of God's words. Open the book, and allow the Great Physician to do his work."

  • 87 pages
  • Hardback with matte finish
  • 5"x7"